Monday, February 22, 2010

Daniella Woolf in the studio!

Daniella Woolf
at the sewing machine
How exciting to have Santa Cruz artist Daniella Woolf here in our studio, Desert Paper, Book and Wax, teaching a workshop in Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility. Participants from as far as the mid coast of Maine, Farmington, NM, Palm Springs, CA and way up there in Phoenix :-) joined a number of us Tucson IEA (Int'l Encaustic Association) members: wonderful and talented artists who really made our time together quite stimulating.

a, Rae and Sherrie
Dipping a sewn collage in encaustic medium strengthens and makes the image cohesive. Swoop 1 2 3...

Daniella demonstrated multitudinous techniques that inspired and enriched our technical vocabulary. We started off rather neat and tidy, but as all intense creative ventures should go, the studio gained a wonderfully energizing atmosphere, with lots going on in every corner...

A final wrap up with a walk through to view and learn from each others' art clinched the experience. Thanks so much Daniella!

Artist Beata Wehr discusses her work with Daniella
below: admiring the work of artist Sharon Pettus

Thanks to Sherrie Posternak for all her hard work in making this happen!

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