Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Circles and Markmaking: 5th Annual Encaustic Invitational @ Conrad Wilde Gallery

work by Margaret Suchland:
"Collecting found objects, old printed ephemera and other of life’s artifacts has been a part of my life since childhood. What intrigues me about these relics is not only the mysteries which surround them but the evidence of past ownership in the form of random marks, nicks, specks, smudges and worn edges. They are proof of life’s existence – a presence of an absence – an indication of one’s mark by someone known or unknown to me."

Zipped down to the Conrad Wilde Gallery 15 minutes after teaching on Saturday just in time to hear a number of artists speak and for the opening reception...wish I had brought a notepad... and a camera for that matter. Their words were elegant, heartfelt and moving, discussing issues from the technical to idea: what inspired the work; life experiences that invoked the image. I was honored to speak too.

Barbara Gagel
Gwendolyn Plunkett
Catherine Nash

What a fantastic show! There was a real unity within the exhibition even with disparate subjects: the flow to how the work was hung is masterful. It does real justice to the beauty of each painting, I must say. Circles and markmaking seem to be two of the links between these works.

Deborah Kapoor

Eileen Goldenberg
Nancy Natale

Fanne Fernow

Mari Marks

above: Diana Gon
zalez Gandolfi
Molly Cliff-Hilts

Exhibiting artists and their fans from California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and others flew in for the event. I loved having the time to talk with Gwendolyn Plunkett and Laura Wait and Paula Roland and others. You know how openings go...slightly on the blur, but this one was great fun! I will indeed go back to really look at these beautiful works in quietude.

below - work by Laura Wait