Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress!! Authentic Visual Voices nearing completion

Mauricio Toussaint of Guadalajara, Mexico as we conducted our skype interview
Click on to see full view - Final Cut Express timeline of Alexandre Masino's edited interview
Alexandre Masino working in his Longeuil, Montréal studio in Canada

Click on to see full view - Cynthia Winika's edited timeline of her interview in New Paltz NY~

Deborah Kapoor in her Seattle WA studio

Cynthia Winika's artist book entitled Firecracker...I filmed her exploding fireworks on paper!

Kapoor working with encaustic on amate

My dear donors and supporters and those who have an interest in my book project, 

Things are a happenin'!

It has been way too long to have not heard an update from me!  Please forgive my actually means that I have been working really hard on everything.  Just yesterday I completed editing the final video interview sequence of 28 artists.  #28 of 28!! Five+ hours of edited footage in 29 10 minute mean task~ It has been a true joy and great fun to do so...I got to relive my day(s) with each artist.   I have consistently worked on this amazing compilation of interviews and the content of my e-book Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic.  Still left to do is for me to edit one final short sequence as an intro (all footage taken) as well as organize the gallery section.  I really felt I needed to complete the portfolio pages and edited interviews before making final organizational decisions on the gallery section as of course, it needs to support the first part of the book. 

My book designer is leaving for a 5 week trip on Mar 30th and all will be finalized and checked before then.  The month of April will be spent duping the DVDs of our e-book etc.  They will be complete sometime in May.  These DVDs are not meant to play in a DVD player, but within your computer.  Nothing will be up "in the internet cloud", or available as a download.  We decided it was imperative to make a self contained product.

News about the forward:  So much has changed over the two years (!) that I have devoted to this project when the focus was media driven. 

As I did more and more work on it, I realized that the true story was creative idea...where do artists find their inspiration?  How do artists develop their focus over the course of life?  Therefore the change of title.  Originally of course I was calling it Contemporary Paper and Encaustic and certainly the chosen artists integrate these media (and use other media as well) but with the shift in focus as the stories unfolded, my title is now Authentic Visual Voices:  Contemporary Paper and Encaustic.   For now I am keeping the subtitle since so much promotion has been done with it.

The writer of the other forward, Joanne Mattera, recently very amicably backed out of the project in early January [she is incredibly busy on every level], but got me in touch with an art critic, Shawn Hill who will write about those very questions listed above.  So Shawn will write the only forward.  I am really thrilled with how this has transpired as the focus has changed so much.  Shawn has all the content of the book in his hand except for the final three skyped artist interviews, but those are being sent to him tomorrow by priority mail.

Moving along!  Warmest regards and sincere and deepest gratitude,


Catherine Nash
Tucson, AZ