Saturday, January 22, 2011

reconfiguration: mixed media assemblage

...a few works just finished:
Catherine Nash

Mixed media assemblage in an antique sewing machine drawer, wood carving, encaustic branch, roots, paper “leaves”, seeds, mirror, nautilus shell.
31”h X 9”w X 6”d

Catherine Nash

Encaustic painting in found weathered
woodworked cylinder with log section

7”h X 8”w X 4.5”d 2011

The work below is still up at the Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson
in a show entitled Dislocations thru the 29th of January.

Catherine Nash – Artist Statement

Many are afraid of the night, the dark, the inability to see. But our eyes will adjust and shapes can be discerned. There is a gradation to the night sky, to the depth of space. The turning of day to night is a display of vast beauty, subtle color shifting as the earth moves. The ancients observed the spiral unfolding of nature in all around them, mirrored in the sprouting of a seed, the radiating center of a flower, the proportions of the human form, the relationship of the Earth to the solar system, the turn of a galaxy. The spiral is a profound image of the movement of time and space.

“Sacred geometry charts the unfolding of number in space” -Miranda Lundy

I am inspired by things that make me wonder. I can spend hours staring into the sky, mesmerized by the expansiveness of the sky...pondering on our place in the universe. In my recent work, images of skies are seen through a frame of branches which act as a window frame or a containing matrix. Skies represent the infinite, represent spaciousness. I am interested in discovering a secret and intimate inner space.

Can I unfold that within myself?

Meditation. Quietude.

Sanctitude. Silence.

Trust. Peace.

all images and text ©C.Nash'11

Catherine Nash
The Circle Cannot Be Squared

assemblage with vintage drawer, antique market finds, encaustic,
raku fired ceramics, log, circle rock found in the Four Corners area of northern Arizona.
15”h X 17”w X 9”d 2011

above: full view
below: 2 details

Catherine Nash
From the Outside In
Encaustic painting in found weathered woodworked
board with patinaed redwood shingles.
16”h x 13”w 2011

Catherine Nash

Geometry Lesson
Encaustic painting in an antique drawer;
wax pencil and chalk on old school slate;
page from a vintage Japanese math book;
cross-section of a nautilus shell; antique calipers;
photo of Galaxy 51, oil stick.
17.5”h X 32” w 2010

below: closed, full open and detail

Catherine Nash
Eclipsis Lunar
Mixed media assemblage, encaustic painting in an antique box,
wax pencil and chalk drawing of a ca. 1552 lunar eclipse diagram on an old school slate;
antique copper compact, mica, branches, handmade paper with walnut ink and encaustic.
17.5”h X 25”w (open) X 10”d 2011

Catherine Nash

Reliquary to the Dawn

Mixed media assemblage with vintage drawer, encaustic, nautilus shell, antique market finds, raku fired ceramics, lashed pine needles from the Gila Wilderness, NM gathered at dawn.
14”h X 13”w X 5”d 2011