Monday, November 7, 2011

Contemporary Paper and Encaustic: A Fundraiser!

Contemporary Paper
and Encaustic

an e-book
by Catherine Nash

I am seeking funding 
to help me travel across the U.S. 
to conduct studio visits with 28 international visual artists: 
one-on-one taped interviews with inspiring and dynamic artists 
that will be incorporated into the portfolio section 
of my e-book Contemporary Paper & Encaustic.

For over 30 years, I've been enamored with paper and artist books and for the last 17 have avidly explored encaustic (painting with molten wax).  Contemporary Paper & Encaustic bridges these media worlds by presenting the work and processes of a full range of innovative artists from around the world in an e-publication, a brand new type of teaching tool formatted for use on the computer. 

Please help support my project!

To learn more about the project click this link
To view a portfolio of the 28 int'l artists I'd like to interview, click this link~
To see a step by step photo showcase of how I created the above cast paper sculpture entitled Sky Nest, a new work of mine from 2011, click this link~

A number of artists are offering works in exchange for your pledge.  I've uploaded imagery of their works in the next post.  Here's a link.

Thanks so very much for
your generous support!

Catherine Nash

This is a description from Lynette Haggard's blog:

Contemporary Paper and Encaustic

Catherine has been selected to participate in a new online community of America’s finest artists called USA Projects. This site was created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists. USA Projects provides a platform for promotion and fundraising for individual artists projects. 

She's got a big vision. Her book will be a full 200+ page e-book with "turnable" pages — a brand new type of teaching tool formatted for use on a computer. It will be available both on DVD or online. It will encompass both a gallery section that includes a work each from 90+
international artists as well as a portfolio section that includes a 4 page spread for each of 28 international artists with their embedded video interview within their pages. She plans to focus on how media corroborates with the expression of artists ideas and content.  

To see the artists Catherine plans to include in the portfolio section of her book, click  HERE.
When Contemporary Paper and Encaustic is published in DVD format by the summer of 2012,  it will be sold on as well as Catherine's site.

Catherine is seeking funding to help her travel across the United States to conduct studio visits and create one-on-one taped interviews with the twenty eight artists.
Her project fundraising has a countdown: If she reaches her goal by December 3rd, the project is a go!  Currently your tax deductible pledge will be matched by USA Projects.  Your credit card will not be charged until the results are in...


Rebeca Trevino said...

sounds like an amazing project. can you reveal who the artists are? if not the names, how about where they are located?
good luck.

Catherine Nash: Desert Paper, Book and Wax said...

Hi Rebeca, I am so psyched, I can't tell you...The 28 artists I want to go visit are showcased in a slide show on the USA site. (link above). The 90+ artists for the gallery section come from literally all over the United States and Canada, Denmark, India, Mexico, Scotland, Hungary, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Turkey~
Thanks for your note! C